Vampire Masquerade: Blood Feud a Mega Board Game Prototype @ UKGE 2019

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We were very fortunate to be given the opportunity by publisher Everything Epic to create an unofficial film about their event at UKGE. Vampire The Masquerade: Blood Feud — a Mega Board Game, currently a prototype. We captured this short teaser video with a player opinion tagged on the end. The game is due to launch on Kickstarter in August.

Vampire The Masquerade — Blood Feud a Mega Board Game Prototype @ UKGE 2019 — Being Played.

This was a huge step for us and it has come at the right time, we are very much in a process of transitioning as a business to focus more on our video content creation. Our aim is to become a supportive force within the industry and offer services to people who can’t often afford the kind of quality our experienced team can offer, in marketing and creative video content. It plays to our strengths because we love to tell stories that amplify our passion, through, short bursts, high energy viral videos. This for us was an awesome opportunity to do just that! Enjoy!

Several of our local gaming community are featured in this video. A special thank you goes out them! This was a massive milestone in our approach to supporting the board game industry and we are so pleased at the results. One of our most challenging shoots to date, as we didn’t really know what to expect. Yet our team performed amazingly and captured some great content for this little teaser. The video was mostly #Patreon funded and supported by Everything Epic; our kit is limited due to our very modest budget so please don’t judge the audio too badly, if you like it and wish to see even better future videos (with better audio equipment) please consider supporting us on Patreon or Ko-fi. Links at the very end of this article.

The Plymouth Rabble, we wouldn’t ask for better friends! :)

So what’s the Game about?

Vampire the Masquerade: Blood Feud — a Mega Board Game is launching on Kickstarter end of August, and we’re excited! Created by game designer Ben Kanelos based on his original game ~ Night Falls. Now themed using Vampire The Masquerade license and published by Everything Epic, it originated from their love of Mega Games and vampires!

What is a Mega Board Game?

It’s an experience like no other. It’s a Board Game, only MEGA BIGGER. It combines mechanics found in both a Board Game and a Mega Game. This hybrid is in a category of its own… Called a Mega Board Game!

We were excited by this when we heard the passion and motivations behind the game. InGameUK is located in a very remote part of the world, where we have no access to the likes of Mega Games. Although this isn’t a Mega Game (rather a Mega Board Game), upon hearing we could gather several of our VtM loving friends and experience the spirt of a Mega Game right out of the box! That got our blood pumping! It ignited our own interest to explore the genera of Mega Games more. We strongly connected with this idea and see Blood Feud as a great gateway game for players to start a journey of gaming exploration! A world we, ourselves are now discovering! #w00t

There has even been talk of hosting a more traditional Mega Game down here in Devon within our community as a result of playing Blood Feud!

What did it involve? “Blood Feud uses a large room or two separate rooms with 2–4 tables. One game table features the Cityscape and Orders, the map where players move their forces around the city and order them to fight and take control of important territories. The other game table features the Council and Market where players use their best diplomatic and resource management skills to make sly trades, buy upgrades and player level-ups, as well as make large political decisions that will shape the destinies of teams to determine whether they win or lose!”

“Join the ranks of a vampire clan or human faction as the Second Inquisition threatens all Kindred, a pivotal Vampire: the Masquerade event in the World of Darkness.”

Game play is pushed along by an energetic storyteller, who ensures players are informed of what they can do, the strategies and purpose of each station and role, the flexibility of the game was also rewarding for players, allowing whatever tactics they wish to use to climb to the top and win the MEGA Board Game!

The games next outing was at GenCon 2019. Where Everything Epic hosted 17 events of Blood Feud. Now thats EPIC!
Game Components of VtM Blood Feud

Fan Fuelled Fun!

Prior to the run up to the event UK Game’s Expo we were a little excited! Teaming up with the very talented Norman a member of Plymouth’s RolePlay community we set to work in creating a little fun filled viral video. Totally unofficial, we wanted to pay homage to Vampire the Masquerade, which is a modern Gothic-Punk #Roleplay game (and computer game) that has seen worldwide notoriety since the 90’s. It’s impacted our lives and given lots of enjoyment over the years, this was our way of giving back!

Enjoy, isn’t Norman just the most excellent #vampire? A character we co-created specifically for this video, he’s called #CountVicktorVonLeopold


#CountVicktorVonLeopold gets ready for the Masquerade!

Are you a Publisher?

This is very much the sort of work we are looking to do much more of and if you are a Publisher reading this, please do get in touch, we have bags of creativity, experience and are ready to engage and grow your audiences, using creative video storytelling.

Special Thanks:

This article was written by Andrew Jinman, social entrepreneur and founder of InGameUK with a very special thank you to Chris Batarlis from Everything Epic for giving us the opportunity to get involved in this. And the players featured, from our local #Plymouth gaming community. Not to mention #UKGE for hosting!

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If Vampire: The Masquerade, Blood Feud ~ A Mega Board Game, sounds interesting find out more about this highly thematic, team-based, strategic game by reading all about it on Everything Epic’s website or connecting with the dedicated Facebook page. Links below:

Dedicated VtM page on Facebook:

Oh and of course, consider supporting them in their up coming Kickstarter when it goes live!


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