What Are We Up To At GeekFest 5.0?

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If you’re anything like us lot at InGameUK, you’re very excited about GeekFest 5.0, which is coming up on the 6th and 7th of July…

… and we’ve got a few exciting things lined up for the event, which we’ve been working hard to prepare and promote over the last few weeks. So what have we got up our sleeves, we hear you ask?

Hold onto your seats, because we’re about to tell you…

Resident Evil II: The Board Game — a free (and unofficial) immersive playing experience

As we all know, playing board games is a great experience — and we’ll be taking that experience to a whole new level at Geekfest this year, which takes place in Redruth, Cornwall… That’s because we’re excited (and a little bit scared) to announce that we’re offering a free unofficial immersive board game playing experience with a creepy side.

What is this witchcraft, we hear you scream (well, in our heads at least)? The answer is that it’s an unofficial themed demo of Resident Evil 2: The Board Game, by Steamforged Games, with all the lights, sounds, and special effects — and of course, ZOMBIES. Lots and lots of ZOMBIES! Braaaiiinnnsss!

Get right into the heart of Raccoon City, as we transport you directly into the white-knuckle, heart-pounding, zombie-infested world of Resident Evil 2 The Board Game.

Warning — you will be scared…

This 45 min immersive demo experience amplifies the bone-chilling atmosphere created in the board game, which in turn is based on the original video game — Resident Evil 2, PS1. You, the players, work as a team to get out of Raccoon city while evading the Zombies and the evil Umbrella Corporations genetic mutations, who are all out to get to you. So use your brains — before they get eaten! Our plan is to run eight 45min sessions throughout both Saturday and Sunday @ Geekfest 5.0 (spaces are limited). If you want to take part, you can sign up by getting in touch at wizard@ingameuk.com.

Worried about how you might get there and the cost of attending Geekfest? We have a solution for you — if you live in Plymouth Devon, that is…

Community Transport Scheme

Now of course, you might loooove the idea of taking part in our RE2: The Board Game Demo Experience — and why wouldn’t you? It’s free and it’s going to be awesome, so what’s not to like, right? But what if you can’t afford the event ticket and transport to get there from Plymouth? Don’t worry, we’ve already thought of that and we’ve got you covered — because if you’re coming to GeekFest 5.0 from Plymouth on Saturday 6th July, you can get discounted tickets and transport with our community transport scheme.

And while we’re on the subject… We’re excited about creating new lasting experiences, memories and fun between friends. While ensuring it doesn’t cost the earth!
We CAN’T WAIT to see you there!!!

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This article was written in collaboration between Andrew Jinman, social entrepreneur and founder of InGameUK and InGameUK Community Wizard — Sam Down, who joins the team to bring you a slice of magic!

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Book your tickets or find out more about the Community Transport Scheme, InGameUK and Geekfest below…


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