Distilled by Paverson Games

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Craft Spirits from around the world in this highly thematic and intuitive strategy game.

By Hand and Heart is the ethos of Glenturret Distillery, the oldest Whiskey Distillery in the Highlands of Scotland. An appropriate statement to begin this article. The story of Distilled the board game has been aged to perfection, crafted with love and determination, while infused with sweet undertone flavors of creativity and passion.

Dave Beck's journey started with an inspirational visit to Scotland one year. With a passion for both, Whiskey and Board Games, he was inspired after visiting a distillery and learning about the process. Feverishly sketching out the idea for the game. The gameplay takes inspiration from the real-world process of distilling alcoholic spirits. The captivating design uses resource management, recipe fulfillment, and tableau building with an ounce of luck to mitigate the risk of production. All together it creates a strong contender as a medium-weight euro game.

Teaming up with Erik Evensen the artistic and creative lead, this game became one of the most thematic games we have ever had the pleasure to experience on PlayTest BroadCast (our bi-weekly showcase for up-and-coming designers and games). Since our first introduction to the game in one of our sessions (March 2021), we were pleased to invite Dave from Paverson Games back for a second tasting of Distilled, during the Kickstarter campaign, pouring out a whisky tumbler full of excitement for the games community.

Playtest Broadcast during the Kickstarter Campaign

The game lasts seven turns, as you use strategy, financial planning, and a little luck during the washback process to reach renowned fame for creating some of the most distinct spirits from around the globe. It’s a tough game, the smallest mistake can be unforgiving but it is fun! Extremely! Creating moments of pure stratification when you land a combo that has been planned for several turns. Here are a few comments from our gaming group on their experience:

Pour yourself another glass, and sit back as spirits mature and become flavorsome in your storeroom. My favorite part of the game is aging my spirits, it takes patience, skill and timing.
It's educational, you are learning about the process of distilling and running a successful distillery! Love it, not many games can boast of their ability to convey a complex topic like “organic chemistry”, quite like Distilled!
Get into the spirit of euro gaming with Distilled!

Following the huge success of the Kickstarter Campaign raising more than half a million US Dollars. It truly was an exceptional campaign that balanced community engagement with many good rewards for backers, an example case of how to run a successful campaign on Kickstarter. Worth studying by any first-time board game designer looking to take their game to Kickstarter, an exemplar case. Following this. We had the pleasure of receiving the “small batch release” The UK Prototype of the game, tasked with taking some promotional photos. It was received fresh from Devon-based Gaming Rules (Paul Grogan), who had produced both; “play-through” and “solo play-through” videos during the campaign.

It was a real pleasure to photograph Distilled. The artwork by Erik is stunning, adding a clear and distinct style to the game, making it playful and highly thematic. I really enjoyed taking the time to craft each of the shots taken. I hope you enjoy them too and I’m looking forward to seeing our photographs being used in the upcoming promotion of the game. Here is a sneak peek of some of the best! Enjoy!

The prototype was of excellent production quality, I’ve now done several demos of this game for groups of gamers eager to experience it. On a final note, it has been a huge pleasure to experience Distilled maturing over the months before going to Kickstarter. One of the fondest moments, not only nailing my signature recipe in the second round but the technical skill used implementing the Tabletop Simulator version of the game. Free to play. It was a pleasure to experience (live) and gave an incredible, lasting impression of the game virtually, preparing me to demonstrate the physical copy. Since Distilled has received a huge update over on TableTopia, so, with all my heart, I urge you to check it out!

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