Escape Raccoon City - Gift Cards
Escape Raccoon City - Gift Cards
Escape Raccoon City - Gift Cards
Escape Raccoon City - Gift Cards
Escape Raccoon City - Gift Cards
Escape Raccoon City - Gift Cards (InGameUK Limited: 11432564)

Escape Raccoon City - Gift Cards

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IGUK TabletopSurvival Gift Cards, are specifically designed to be redeemed against the Escape Raccoon City Events. Broken down by 25% (one player), 50% (two players), and 100% (4 players) of the ticket value of STANDARD and HARDCORE gaming sessions. 

EVENTS ARE NOW PAUSED. To be notified of our next available dates, please sign up for our dedicated email newsletter to be informed. 


GIFT CARDS - Still usable against other products here on the Website.

On each available date, there are two types of bookings, STANDARD gaming sessions, and one HARDCORE session that takes place at dusk. This is a premium experience with some additional perks and less ammo! 

If you have any queries please contact ""

However, this awesome gift of gaming! Can be redeemed shop-wide against any purchase if the recipient decides they don't wise or can't participate in the currently planned games. This is very helpful if purchasers buy Gift Cards for HARDCORE and players decide they wish to play STANDARD as they can use any difference to buy or pre-order other games!

They have no expiry date! And we plan to host more events through 2022.

Bookings for events will require a TEAM of four players, regardless of their Gift Card discount. Please see our FAQ page for commonly answered questions.

About this event

SURVIVE THE ULTIMATE ENHANCED TABLETOP EXPERIENCE! Combining Immersive Theatre, Tabletop Gaming, and Escape Room Puzzle Solving!

These DATES and TIMES are for the STANDARD Game Mode.

    In collaboration with InGameUK, TableTop Survival and OffStage Entertainment present a uniquely immersive experience with an increased threat level. Move Zombies more gore and a harder tabletop that will chill the living souls of any S.T.A.R.S operatives willing to take up the challenge.

    Sessions are booked by Team x 4 Players Per Team.

    ESCAPE RACCOON CITY, is a fan fuelled, parody event inspired by the incident that occurred on the streets of Raccoon City in Resident Evil 3, a unique blend of Live Action performance, Tabletop Gaming, and Escape Room style problem-solving. We use Resident 3 The Board Game by SFG as the bait to lure players into our world. All enter as new S.T.A.R.S. recruits and leave as hardened Zombie veterans…

    What to Expect?

    • You'll be greeted by our immersive team the moment you park the car and are transported to the outbreak area for a quick mission briefing. 
    • Once that gate opens it's time to survive, you will be thrust into a deep plot of intrigue and mystery as you aim to complete your mission and escape Raccoon City. Quickly, with a high score!
    • The sessions are 2hrs run time, with a count down to the destruction of Raccoon City.
    • The game is a combination of live-action theatre, puzzle solving and an introduction to the RE3 Board Game.
    • Refreshments are provided at the end, with a chance for a photoshoot with Nemesis.
    • Participants will also get a special code to pre-order Resident Evil 3 TheBoard Game if they survive!


    All is explained as part of the experience