Resident Evil 2: The Board Game Malformations of G B-Files and 4th Survivor Expansion Bundle

Resident Evil 2: The Board Game Malformations of G B-Files and 4th Survivor Expansion Bundle

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Bring back the RETRO. As you probably know we are big RE Fans here at InGameUK. Are you prepared to survive the Zombie infested streets of Raccoon City... Time to get to the Police Station! This immersive transformation to TableTop allows players to experience nostalgic Resident Evil moments together with friends, it uses some simple yet innovative mechanics to bring suspense, tension, and horror to the table. We are currently playing this game as an on-going campaign, join us live each week.

Expansion Bundle; Includes:
  • Malformations of G B-Files Expansion
  • 4th Survivor Expansion
(CORE GAME not included)

    Now, what does the publisher say... A bizarre incident occurred on the outskirts of an American suburb called Raccoon City. It was later revealed that the terrible disaster had been caused by the T-Virus, a mutagenic toxin created by the international enterprise Umbrella Incorporated for use in bioweapon experiments.

    Resident Evil 2 is a cooperative board game where you play as the characters from the hit video game Resident Evil 2 by Capcom, transport yourself back to some nostalgic gaming moments, experience this immersive and horrifying franchise transformed from console to TableTop. Fight for your life (again) in Resident Evil 2! Fight iconic monsters such as the Licker and use characters like Leon, Claire, or even, in expansions; Tofu. Travel from the police station to the underground Umbrella Laboratory while you uncover the secrets and escape from Raccoon City!

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