Events FAQs

What will I need to wear while participating in a Tabletop Survival event?

During the immersive performance you will be participating physically in sections of the experience. While we are conducting live action sequences, we encourage participants to wear practical clothing, sensible footwear and remove any jewellery or valuables and store safely prior to your participation in our tabletop performances. We also encourage your group to dress up to enhance your immersion.

Where is it taking place?

Just outside plymouth at InGameUK's premises - Unit 6 and surrounding area, Knighton Hill Business Centre. PL9 0EB.

What is our photo and video policy?

This is something we are very strict on. All phones are collected and secured at the start of the experience, these will be kept safe and under lock and key until players finish the experience, after the game you can take any photos or videos you wish for social media. We do not however allow phones or photos / videos to be taken inside the game area, this is both for the safety of staff or not to ruin the experience for other future players.

You will get an awesome chance to get a selfie with a zombie, even Nemesis (if he's in a friendly mood) at the end of the game! So hang tight! We will also provide a free team photo, picturing your final score at the end! All experience photos will be available 24hrs after the event.

Is the event suitable for under 18s? 

This experience is unfortunately geared towards an over 18s audience. This is due to the nature of the language being used in our script and scenes used during our immersive experience containing scenes of explicit violence and gore to emulate the look and feel of the franchise.

Will I need to know how to play the tabletop game prior to attendance?

There is no need to learn the rules prior to the event. You will be led by an experienced GM (Games Master), who will act as guide for the group while you participate in the event. During the start of the game you will be briefed on the rules and sequences that need to be followed in order to play the game. Our GM will be with you every step of the way, so enjoy the fright of the immersive experience.

Will I be physically interacted with or come into physical contact with any of the live action performers including zombies during the event?

During your participation in the event, participants will come face to face with live action cast members. These may be characters helping you to achieve your escape or they may be the shambling undead. Actors playing key characters may interact directly with you either verbally or may physically interact to help you solve puzzles while keeping you safe. While performing these sequences, our zombies may reach for you while passing them as you traverse the player zone, but no more than a light touch across an arm or hand will be connected with you during the performance. While in these phases, no harm will come to you or your group.

Do you have disabled access to this experience?

Due to the nature of our site, we currently do not have safe access and egress for disabled participants. We are working to improve our site, but we are currently not able to facilitate wheelchair access at this current time.

What triggers do I need to be aware of when participating in a booked event?

The performance will compile a variety of tools and props to immerse you in your experience, such as simulated gun fire, smoke machines, flashing and strobing lighting, blood and gore and jump scenes. At times the environment will feel confined, so please be aware we will be operating in tight spaces as part of the experience. You will be presented with key phrases prior to the start of your experience. These will indicate if you or a member of your group needs to communicate to us, if any of the following are spoken;

  1. Pause - pauses the scene 
  2. Dodge - skips a sequence or scene
  3. End - ends the experience immediately
  4. Okay gesture - used to let us know you're okay to proceed. 

What is the difference in hardcore mode over standard mode when making a booking for this event?

All hardcore modes are designed to enhance the immerse experience above that of standard mode, by increasing the difficulty at the tabletop, enhancing the fret level of the immersive performance and increasing the tension of the overall game. These games are played under lower ambient light levels with touches and are performed at night to enhance the experience and tension. Different audio cues will be used to make the puzzles more difficult, teams will also start at a score disadvantage, when score tallies are added, affecting your teams ranking, meaning you will need to work harder and faster to score points against other standard level teams. 

Do I have the opportunity to participate, but not take part in live action sequences during the experience?

Our aim is for you to ultimately enjoy the experience while with us and we encourage all players to fully immerse themselves. If you feel this is too much and the idea of the immersive interaction is a little out of your comfort zone, we do offer the ability for players to participate as a voyeur participant. This means you will be provided with a high-vis jacket to indicate to our performers of your playing stance and will avoid any interaction physically with you.

What are your COVID precautions?

The Health and Safety of our staff and players are of paramount importance to Tabletop Survival. All precautions are taken to ensure we can maintain and enjoy a safe and fun experience, by reducing any risk of transmission.

  • Please do not attend if you have any symptoms or have been asked to self isolate.
  • We recommend a lateral flow test prior to your visit, to reduce any risk to your group or the performers.
  • Face covering are to be worn inside unless you are exempt from wearing a face covering. Thematic, face coverings are provided at the start of the experience, as part of your induction.
  • Temperatures are taken on arrival as a precaution.
  • Ensure hands are washed thoroughly by staff and participating players before and after the event. 
  • Sanitisers are provided throughout the performance and the GM will ask you to sanitise as part of the game throughout the experience. 
  • All contact points are sanitised between performances to reduce the risk of transmission.
  • Where possible, performers will keep and maintain social distance without hindering the performance.
  • All our cast and crew undergo the same level of checks before performances to keep you all safe.

Redeeming Gift Cards, how are they used?

Gift cards are specifically designed in denominations of the these events 25%, 50% and 100% of value for both Standard and Hardcore. If you wish to use a Hardcore denomination against a Standard game that is fine, and will leave you with either extra money for friends to participate or to be used against other products on the website. All gift cards are transferable to other products on the web store, or to be held on to for other not yet announced events in 2022 and beyond. They do not expire but are non-refundable once purchased. 

GDPR and how we use personal data?

By booking an event, you grant us use of your contact details for the advertisement of future events, and similar products. These communications will be kept to a minimum and, with clear indication on how to unsubscribe from future messages from us, but also our partner organisations. We take your personal data seriously and will not share your information with any other third party outside the IGUK family. 

What if there is no availability on the dates my team are free?

Simply, contact us! We want to host more events and will extend or create more dates where possible. You can contact us via "" or via the IGUK contact page.