Taiwan BG Design, TBD ~ Games

The legendary company, Taiwan Boardgame Design, founded in 2013.
TBD has done immense work locally in Taiwan to promote board games as both a hobby and a career opportunity! Inspiring a thriving community of game designers, running game design sessions regularly. Attracting members, fostering creativity and fun, amongst budding designers eager to playtest each others' prototypes!
IGUK is proud to bring some really inspirational and unique games from the far reaches of Taiwan. It has been inspirational to work with the team over a number of years. To promote their games here in the UK. Now if your chance to get them right here party of our new IGUK product range. 
There are some great games here, we have been fortunate to run demos and showcase many of these games at national and international events, if you would like us to show you inside the box or a brief rules explanation, contact us and book an online demo.
You can find many of their games for FREE to try and play on TableTopia.