InGameUK’s first Essen Spiel 2018

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We will see you in Essen Spiel 2018

Well this is happening. I’m sat on the bus, it’s the first leg of my journey. InGameUK are attending the Worlds BIGGEST Board Game Trade Show in the World Internationale Spieltage Spiel ‘18.. Wowsers!! Just let that sink in a second! 😀

So what will we be doing? Why are we going? What can you expect via the InGameUK part of the Internetz? So many questions! And i’ll aim to quash your curiosity in this update.

Well Essen is one of the biggest board game trade fairs in the WORLD!! Hundreds of games are release and demoed at the event and there are many exciting titles on the #BGG preview list. InGameUK will be working with the chaps from BarPIG as they demo, BarPig After Hours. The travel plan: Flying in to Amsterdam and driving in convoy to Essen in Germany (never driven in Europe before, so that will be fun!). Word of warning.. I have already preloaded my iPhone with #Autobahn by #Kraftwerk, which I can almost certainly guarantee will be on loop for this leg of the trip, so apologies for anyone in the car with me. We might mix it up a little with #PocketCalculator or #ComputerWorld. 😆

Once set up at Essen, I’ll have time to roam the savannah, aka the Halls of Essen.. I’ll be creating content! From Photos to Videos! While engaging in a little #GuerrillaMarketing! (keep a look out for our stickers dotted around the event, send us a photo of any you find and we’ll put you in our Special Essen Prize Draw!).

See one of these stickers — snap a photo to win prizes!

Content Creation..

So photos are a given and we will be running our traditional Photo Comp via the InGameUK Facebook Page after the event. Do get involved!

Kit packed and ready to shoot!

Video Content; we have big plans. Well, not that big but its certainly ambitious. This is a once in a life time opportunity (well hopefully not), but it would be a shame not to capture some video.. So I’ll be filming two clear video projects over the course of the event. First: one a simple video diary with two, possibly three (time dependant) updates throughout the event. An Essen Video Diary, how cool! What i’m thinking, is doing little VOXPOPs video diaries, very simple, quick paced and energetic just sharing some of my experiences of the event.

Second: After The World Scrabble Championships and following social media of people flying in ready for Essen, it’s clear,the power in which board games have (regardless of type) to break down social barriers, even language barriers, bring people together and foster new friendships. So this inspiration has lead me to the next OFFICIAL Patreon video, entitled.. “What do I love about Boardgames…”

“What do I love about Boardgames…”

I don’t want to give to much away about this production at the moment, but if you would like to get involved and tell me what YOU love about board games, reach out to me on Twitter and I’ll come explain, camera in hand and you’ll become part of an awesome little video about Essen and the hobby we all love! 😃✌️

One more thing…

Not only that, we will be picking games up for friends, customers and local board game groups. Are there any games your keen to get your hands on? We’ve got a relationship with couriers to get any games shipped back at a very reasonable rate, so if anything on the BBG preview list takes your fancy, give me a nod and i’ll keep you in the loop on its cost, while on the ground in Germany. So.. If you fancy owning a copy of #Everdell, #Gùgōng (which i’ve played and is excellent) or even The New Terraforming Mars Expansion: Colonies or ANY other new release. Just let me know either by Twitter or by posting here in the InGameUK Essen Event!

SPIEL in Essen!

Special Thanks:

This article was written by Andrew Jinman (while in transit to Essen) Andrew is a Social Entrepreneur, InGameUK founder, creative marketeer and general Meeple pusher!

Jinners 😊✌️ 🔜 💫✨ (@ADJinman) | Twitter

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